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Green Coffee Transparency Report 2019

  • by Samuli Pääkkönen

Here is a detailed breakdown of all the green coffee lots that we bought in the year 2019. This was our first year in business.


Green Coffee Sourcing

Our approach to sourcing is simple. We look for great relationships, great cup quality and longevity. We want to work with dedicated and passionate people who are catalysts for change in the coffee industry. We believe that clarity and transparency in taste and trade go hand in hand.

For the first year we were trying things out a bit more. We wanted to have small lots in the beginning of our journey and move on to buying a bit more volume as we grew. 

Sourcing Partners

 We worked with Collaborative Coffee Source as our main sourcing partner. We also worked with Primavera who represent producers based in Guatemala. One of the highlights of the year was establishing the relationship with La Real Expedición Botánica (LaREB) who we work with in Colombia.

Moving on into 2020-2021 we are now working with La Real Expedición Botánica as our main sourcing partner. Focusing on buying more volume from Colombia. For upcoming coffees from Honduras we are now working directly with San Vicente (exporter based in Honduras) as well as Long Miles Coffee Project (based in Burundi and Kenya). We are working on finding more direct ways to source our coffee from the producers that we have already bought coffee in 2019.

Coffee Price 

Some coffees that we bought we were able to have access to Farm Gate* prices from our sourcing partners and some only the FOB**. Transparency in green coffee price is for us an ongoing process and we will look forward to deepening our relationship with our sourcing and producing partners in the coming years. We hope to be able to dig deeper and have a better understanding for both the price we pay for our coffee as well as the impact we are able to make on a producer level. 

For now, this is the data we were able to collect. We wanted to share as much of it as possible. We understand that some of this information is not something that one can easily compare from producing country to another. Comparing only the price paid per kg/lbs between Ethiopia and Colombia is not that easy. Sometimes this might be close to comparing apples to oranges. However, we believe that transparent ways to trade coffee are much needed in our industry. Also for taking the step forward to start communicating these things openly has a big impact on the industry at large. Consider this as the very first step for FRUKT.


*Farm Gate means the calculated or direct note of a price paid by our sourcing partner to the actual producer/owner of the coffee farm.

**FOB stands for Free On Board. This is the most commonly used way of communicating the price of green coffee bought and sold. FOB price includes transportation costs and basically all the costs related to the export of the coffee before it leaves its origin country. 


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