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Year of coffee 2019

  • by Samuli Pääkkönen

The year 2019 was the year we started roasting coffee and the first year in business. The year 2019 was also about finding partners in green coffee supply chain and laying foundations for the future relationships to come.

Majority of the small lots we bought were from our first importing partner Collaborative Coffee Source based in Oslo, Norway. Main reason for working with CCS was to get great green coffee from the exporting partners that they worked with. In particular this meant that we got access to coffees from San Vicente based in Santa Barbara, Honduras. Also of course Zelcafe in Guatemala and great high scoring lots from Ethiopia and Kenya from various other exporters.

We also worked with our old contacts at Primavera, Guatemala based green coffee importer on a few lots from the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala.

Highlight of the year was the relationship we started with La Real Expedición Botánica who we started buying our Colombian coffees from. We also got to meet Ana Mustafá and Herbert Peñaloza in Berlin that year. Ana and Herbert are very much the key people in the project we are very happy to be supporting them in what they do.

Here is a list of all the coffees we bought in 2019:

Hunapu Dueñas 
Hunapu Antigua
La Soledad
La Folie
El Naranjo
Don Francisco

Daniel Moreno
Mabel Moreno
Gerardo Moreno
Mas Morenos/Moreno Family

Isaias Guerrero
Efrén Echeverry


Gute Sodu
Blida Kojowa

Kii AA
Kii PB 

For more details regarding producers, exporters and importers and the prices and volumes that we worked with in 2019 please take a look at our Transparency Report here.

Photo credit: Tuukka Koski


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