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Year of coffee 2020

  • by Samuli Pääkkönen

The year 2020 was our second year in business and in many ways a very challenging one. Coming out of our first year and straight into living with the uncertainty and everything related to the Covid-19 outbreak and struggling to find balance in the turbulent times. Looking back we were very lucky to be a young business with small overhead costs and a lot of room for flexibility. And of course the best relationships and partners one can ask for. 

In 2020 we deepend our relationship with our Colombian partners at La Real Expedición Botánica who we started working with in 2019. Only this time buying more than 75% of our green coffee from LaREB and showcasing many spectacular and beautiful coffees from Colombia really was one of the highlights of the year. 

We also worked with our old contacts at Nordic Approach, Oslo based Specialty Coffee importer, on our 2020 Ethiopia and Kenya lots.

Here is a list of all the coffees we bought in 2020:

Crucero C30
Crucero C28
La Quinta
Los Venteños
Agua De Dios

Bekele Legie

Kangocho AA

For more details regarding producers, exporters and importers and the prices and volumes that we worked with in 2019 please take a look at our Transparency Report (TBA)

Photo credit: Herbert Peñaloza 


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