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Year of coffee 2021

  • by Samuli Pääkkönen

The year 2021 was in many ways a year of finding our place and taking small steps as a business and working more on processes and relationships more than anything else. Despite the ongoing turbulence of the times we were quite successful in finding many new great relationships with amazing local and international businesses in terms of wholesale. Also, we had our first project outside of the roastery too. Beautiful summer time coffee shop called KIOSK by Frukt in Central Railway Station park in Turku.

The year 2021 was our third year working with amazing coffees from our friends in Colombia at La Real Expedición Botánica. This year we also started working closer together with Benjamin Paz and the export business San Vicente in Santa Barbara Honduras. Buying their coffee third year in a row but only now working on building a relationship with Benjamin and San Vicente directly. Another new relationship for us was with Eric Wright and the Community Coffee Rwanda project. We had met Eric in 2019 but were finally able to buy some of their coffee for 2021. We also started buying our Kenyan coffees exclusively from Long Miles Coffee Project. We had featured their beautiful Gitwe from the Burundi project already in 2019. 

With logistic help from French green coffee importer Belco with the shipment and warehousing of the coffees from Honduras, we started working with them and bought a regional blend from FAF in Brazil. 

Here is a list of all the coffees we bought in 2021:

Crucero RP
Leonela & Alberto
Gustavo Acevedo Geisha
Albeiro Muñoz
La Quinta Bourbon
Los Venteños

Danny Moreno (Washed)
Danny Moreno (Honey)
Danny Moreno (Natural)
Mario Moreno
Benjamin Paz



Karuthi AB
Chinga AB

For more details regarding producers, exporters and importers and the prices and volumes that we worked with in 2021 please take a look at our Transparency Report (TBA)

Photo credit: Long Miles Coffee Project


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